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Art Culture > 10 of the weirdest Museums in Italy Date posted: October 27, 2014

10 of the weirdest
Museums in Italy

Weird Italy: Top 10 unusual museums to visit including Rome

Italy has so much culture on offer that the choices are truly endless. Bored of Renaissance Masters and Ancient ruins (who could anyone ever be?) Or of 20th century design and architecture (again why?) Then Swide has 10 unusual museums worth stopping by when in Italy- be ware, some are very scary.

Italy is one of the most “cultured” countries, with monuments, museums and points of interest on almost every corner. From Ancient Roman and Greek ruins to Medieval castles and Liberty Buildings there is something for everyone. But how about the museums that house the priceless artefacts form Italy’s rich history? There’s the Egyptian Museum in Turin, the Capitoline Museum in Rome, the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan, the Flipper Museum in Bologna and the Torture Museum in Siena. Wait, what? Flippers, torture? Yes we have those too. Swide lists 10 of the strangest museums in Italy.

The Savings Museum, Turin

Weird Italy: Top 10 unusual museums to visit savings museum

This museum’s mission is to help people learn about managing their finances in a fun yet clear way. The museum is aimed to both adults and children and illustrates behaviour, habits tricks and hacks to save money. While perhaps less artistic than many of Italy’s other museums, this one is certainly one for the weird yet useful contingent.

Trioria Museum of Witchcraft and Ethnography, Troria (Imperia)

Weird Italy: Top 10 unusual museums to visit inquisition museum

In the picturesque village of Trioria in the verdant hills of Liguria, one can find a surprising small, yet perfectly formed and terrifying museum. The museum houses documents from inquisitions, reproductions of the trials, witch iconography and much more. While the surrounding area is beautiful, and there are plenty of reasons to head to this part of Italy, make sure to visit this museum when taking some time off more traditional sightseeing.

Bora Museum, Trieste

Weird Italy: Top 10 unusual museums to visit bora museum

Trieste is well known for its beautiful architecture, history and well, the chilly north-easterly wind called Bora. The wind has become synonymous with the city to the point that a museum has been opened to honour it and capture its essence. It collects images, songs, poems and more which pay tribute to the wind. And who said that it’s the Brits who are obsessed with the weather?

The Pin Ball Museum, Bologna

Weird Italy: Top 10 unusual museums to visit pin ball museum

Bologna is the Italian capital of gaming, and it is only fitting that the city houses a museum dedicated to old style gaming (a hipster’s paradise). Here disused pin ball machines and other old style games have been rehomed and loved. A must see.

Torture Museum, Siena and other locations in Tuscany

Weird Italy: Top 10 unusual museums to visit torture museum

Some of the most beautiful towns in Tuscany house one of the most macabre museums on our list. Siena, San Gimignano, Volterra, Montepulciano and Lucca all house outposts of the Torture Museum. Here you can find original and gruesome torture implements like chastity belts, Nuremberg Virgins, and spiked collars to name but a few. Not for the faint hearted.

Pastimes Museum, Rossiglione (Genoa)

Weird Italy: Top 10 unusual museums to visit pastimes museum

This is a true temple of vintage. Here all items that classify as a pastime are housed, causing oos and aaas to all who visit. Here board games, televisions, mopeds, type writers, kitchen implements, graffiti, and even a carousel make up some well loved objects of our past. It’s a veritable time capsule.

Museum of the Souls in Purgatory, Rome

Weird Italy: Top 10 unusual museums to visit purgatory museum

After a fire in the interior of the Sacro Cuore del Suffragio Church on Lungotevere Prati 12 Rome on the 15th September 1897, Priest Vittore Jouet found a stain on the wall which resembled a human face. Convinced it was the soul of a man in purgatory trying to get in touch with the world of the living he began collecting as much information and artefacts on the subject. These objects “touched” by the souls in purgatory are housed in the church, which is also said to be haunted.

Trading Card Museum, Modena

Weird Italy: Top 10 unusual museums to visit trading card museum

Modena is the home of Italian trading cards, the Panini ones. Having become synonymous with football trading card, the Panini company did much more than just that. In order to showcase the range of their work, and also to provide a historical perspective the Trading Card museum opened in Modena. Its a must see which will introduce you to a whole new world.

Witch Museum, Bidonì (Oristano)

Weird Italy: Top 10 unusual museums to visit witchcraft museum

Sardinia is an insland full of ancient esoteric legends and traditions. It is no surpruse then that in the small town of Bidonì, in the rpovince of Oristano one finds a museum entirely dedicated to wittchcraft. Here legends and uses of white and black magic are tolda s well as collecting artefacts used in ancient rituals.

Tarantism Museum, Galatina (Lecce)

Weird Italy: Top 10 unusual museums to visit tarantism museum

The traditional southern Italian dance known as Tarantella is not just a simple dance, it was ritual to get rid of the venom of a tarantula bite. The tarantism also had strong religious and exorcist overtones, creating a very interesting mix of science, tradition, religion, culture, faith and legend. Find out more about it at this museum housed in a deconsecrated church, embroiled in a scandal linked to tarantic exorcisms.


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